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​Maria Tribe
Integrative Psychotherapy & EMDR

I work for the NHS as a psychotherapist at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, and was the young person's therapist for teenage survivors of sexual violence and abuse at Survivors Network for 2 years. Private practice EMDR sessions are based in Brighton, UK and via online sessions.


I am a trauma specialist and an accredited EMDR therapist for treating PTSD or the varying degrees of trauma symptoms; including panic attacks, sleep problems, feeling on edge or 'stuck', low mood, anxiety, difficulties concentrating, avoiding related situations, and not being able to put events in the past. Within the hospital I have worked with many people facing life changing diagnoses or surgeries and surviving critical illness/ ITU. Trauma is often accumulative and sometimes people experience a 'last straw' moment after a number of events throughout life eg feeling vulnerable through illness, extreme stress, or a major loss. Realising these links and working through them clears the way for improving the present

My core training (The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education -IATE) is Attachment focussed, with trauma informed approach; integrating psychodynamic theories, Gestalt, TA, the arts, and somatic awareness. Integrative Psychotherapy is essentially a humanistic, relational collaborative way of working to facilitate our capacity to heal and provides a great foundation for EMDR therapy.  


PTSD can occur after a major event or may be a result of repetitive stressors that 'snowball', such as physical, emotional, sexual abuse, traumatic loss, core identity issues or any overwhelming life changing events. I provide a safe space to explore present or historical issues, to look at specific problems, psychological patterns, or to manage life-changing events. 

I work with age 18 +. At the moment (Oct 23) I have some online availability- please get in touch if you would like to be added to the waiting list 

I abide by the code and ethics of HCPC, UKCP and EMDR UK to ensure that professional standards are met. All work is confidential. 

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© Maria Tribe 2023 

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