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Although I am primarily offering EMDR therapy, the arts can be a great tool alongside. Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (IAP) can assist in raising awareness of emotion or trauma stored in the body, unpicking a spoken metaphor, music (eg.a pertinent lyric, a soundtrack to a time) -to using sand tray or visual arts. There is no right or wrong way, and you do not have to be 'good at art'.

Each artform helps to externalise feeling to look at things from different angles- whether exploring relationships in the sand tray or voicing unsaid words, making a playlist, painting/ drawing, picking postcards, or distilling words into stories or poems. This can be cathartic, soothing and a way to 'empty out'. Journalling or sketchbooks can also be a great tool in between sessions.

       Integrative Arts Psychotherapy can involve:

  • Visual Art- drawing, painting, collage, clay, photography, film

  • Sand tray- using found objects in a sand tray

  • Bodywork- linking emotions to the body (without touch)

  • Music/ Found Sound/ Playlists

  • Drama/ Movement/ Puppets

  • Poetry & Storytelling- creative writing, using lyrics and poems

  • Postcards- sometimes found images really strike a chord

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